Heart Shaped Pancakes with Butter and Syrup FEATURED photo from Walking on Sunshine Recipes
Heart Shaped Pancakes
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins

Heart shaped pancakes are a fun way to serve pancakes for special occasions.  Any metal cookie cutter will do, but hearts are always nice when you want to say you love someone! 

  • Pancake mix and required ingredients as per box
  • METAL cookie cutters in desired shape or shapes
  • Non-stick spray and/or butter
  1. Prepare pancake mix according to box directions.  Or you can use your favorite homemade recipe.

  2. Spray cookie cutter with non-stick spray. Put a little bit of butter in the pan

  3. Put a little bit of butter in the pan. 

  4. Place cookie cutter in the pan and spoon batter into it.

  5. Wait a minute, then flip with cookie cutter.

  6. Cook the other side until golden brown. 

  7. Remove from the pan and carefully remove from cookie cutter.

  8. Repeat until you have a plate full of pancakes.

  9. Serve with butter and warm syrup. 

Recipe Notes

You can use any shape cookie cutter you want, just make sure they're metal!